Health, Safety & Environment

Our approach to health safety and the environment is based on the idea of good communication and good working practices. We believe everyone has a right to return home safely every day. We understand how our industry affects the community in which we operate and we aim to continuously maximize the quality of the built environment for us and for our future generations.

Our underlying philosophy is one of best practice in all areas. Our goals will be achieved by

  • Continual measurement and improvement in all of our activities
  • Complying with relevant legislation and requirements and regularly measuring and checking this compliance
  • Minimizing incidents, accidents and emissions by reporting, review, learning and adjustment
  • Engaging our supply chain and our subcontractors and setting standards which apply equally to all parties
  • Reducing our wastage, our consumption and improving our efficiency
  • Minimizing our impacts on our people and the environment which is around us
  • Taking long term strategies which result in overall gains
  • Providing strong governance and setting aggressive targets and objectives
  • Communicating our strategy at all levels
  • Reviewing our policies to see where we can improve and to ensure they evolve with changing conditions within our industry and the world around us